How Digital Marketing Can Improve your Local Business?

It doesn’t matter how much you invest in a business; without proper marketing, all your hard work will go unnoticed. The problem with most local businesses is their ignorance of marketing within the local community. It doesn’t matter whether you have a high neon display on your store or a blimp tethered to your doorstep, the only way to entice customers is to engage with active communications. We are not saying that you have to knock everyone’s house and inform them about you. With digital marketing, you can do it all without lifting a finger.

Start with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads allow marketers to target users based on their location. All you need is a keen eye for marketing and the idea of a digital marketing strategist. Now, budgeting your marketing campaigns is also very important before blindly spending your entire budget. Facebook Ads don’t can only help you amplify your target audience but it won’t fix your bad sales funnel. Try creating small sales funnels and test them on smaller audiences.

Youtube is the future of Paid Ads

YouTube Commercials are highly effective since they leverage the power of users’ Search Engine history and Google AI. Besides they are cheaper when compared to Google AdWords.


Location tags and hashtags are common features of Instagram, allowing you to target customers nearby your location. So, getting details of customers from a specific city or state won’t be an issue for you. Make a list of potential customers with large followings and try to approach them with free offers and services in exchange for promoting your Brand.

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Your Website Speed Might Be Ruining Your Online Sales – [Solutions Inside]

According to Amazon’s initial report in 2006, a mere 100-millisecond delay in page rendering results to a shocking 1% loss in net sales for Amazon, which amounts to 290 million dollars.

However, that was then and this is now. Robust technological growth has tremendously influenced users’ behavior in the fast 13 years.

According to Akamai’s online retail performance report, a 100-millisecond delay in loading time hurt conversion rates by 7 percent. Shockingly, a 103 percent of bounce rate is observed with a 2-second delay in loading time. More than half of mobile users will leave a page if the load time exceeds three seconds.

Those who don’t know, the page loading speed is the time taken by a website to completely load on a browser of a user.

So how does speed contribute to bounce rates?

The answer is simple- How many of us want to go to those dial-up modem days?

Remember those days when page loading used to be all about staring at an empty screen and refreshing a page was a nightmare.

As humans, we have come a long way from those time and are all settled with our comfort. As users, we are surrounded by insurmountable options. We live in a time where we can access unlimited information in one single click. So, it’s viable when users switch to another website for information, services, and products.

Although, optimizing landing page and contents results to faster conversion rates but it won’t work if your users will left the website before it opens. A faster page facilitates a better user experience.

If we look through a psychological point of view, a faster loading page offers convenience while keeping the anticipation level of customers in check. When customers feel happy and satisfied, they are more inclined to return that blissful experience in the form of a purchase.

Solutions to Speed -up your website’s page loading time:

  • Optimize Cache
  • Limits JavaScript parsing
  • Eliminate redirects as much as possible
  • Minify JavaScript and style sheets
  • Use CSS3 and HTML5
  • Compress image resolutions
  • Apply Ajax

Taking the above steps will help you harness the true power of your website and increase your conversion rates. 

Time is a luxury which we need to offer our customers. Regardless of how bizarre it may sound, it’s better to accept it and optimize our strategies accordingly.

4 Effective Way to Find the Best SEO Company in India

When you are planning for getting the best SEO service for your website and desired for earning more revenue and traffic, then ensure that you have a website online. With the help of a website, small businesses can get a chance to market their products in online sales. Thus, the best SEO Company in India provides you the effective SEO services by using the latest techniques and technologies. The following 4 points you have to consider while selecting an SEO company for your business

Effective communication

If you are searching for the best SEO Company, then it’s important to know who will handle your marketing task because now these companies have designers and developers working under the same roof. Make sure that the SEO experts of the company regularly get in touch with you for avoiding your misconceptions regarding the marketing strategies. Don’t forget to inquire about their working skills and the time period they would give to you.

Long term service providers

When you are selecting an SEO company, you have to check whether the company will provide you a long term service of merely provide it one time. The best SEO expert in India will hold your company for the long term and provide you the best services such as the updating, ranking and maintenance. They will update your website with proper keywords to get the best rank on the search engines.

Used business strategies

When you are collecting the information about the best and popular SEO companies in India, ensure the tactics they would use for providing the high rank to your website. Keep enough information about the off-page, on-page and backlink techniques used by the experts for helping your website. Also, don’t forget to know about the process of keyword sections which is generally going through the several processes to get the highly used keywords. 

Analyze the original websites

The companies you are hiring for the best SEO services for your website ensure that they should analyze your original website first. So, hire SEO expert in India who will study your website and analyze what is lacking in your website for getting the top rank. But before that, they have to study your flow of content, backlinks and keywords which is helpful for enhancing the rank of your website.


Whenever you are searching for the best SEO Company in India like Prodigitalmind make sure that you will perform deep research of the company and their working techniques. Ensure that the company will handle, manage and develop your website for providing high ranking and achieve your set target.